Kobo's Signature Assorted Mooncakes Gift Box 6 Pieces

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Cake Taste
It is a long standing tradition to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with mooncakes! Get these scrumptious baked mooncakes filled with variety of traditional fillings to enjoy with your family and friends this Mid-Autumn Festival!

Kobo's Signature Assorted Mooncakes Gift Box contains:
- Pandan Lotus Filling x 1 Piece
- Pure Lotus Filling x 1 Pieces
- Red Bean Filling x 1 Piece
- Black Sesame Filling x 1 Piece
- Assorted Fruits & Nuts Paste x 1 Piece
- Pure Chocolate Paste x  1 Piece

Cake Talk
Serving Size: 6 servings
Preparation and Delivery time: 1 day

What's in it?
Flour, eggs, sugar, golden syrup, vegetable oil, pure lotus, pandan, red bean, black sesame, assorted fruits and nuts paste


Wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts

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Minimum 1 day notice
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