Rendang Chicken Indulgence's Nasi Kunyit Cake 8 inch

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Cake Taste
Would you try Munch Bunny's Chicken Rendang Indulgence's Nasi Kunyit Pulut Cake? Spicy, rich, creamy with fresh whole chicken drumstick from the morning market, cooked in creamy coconut. Infused with rich fragrant spices and mouth watering home made kerisik. Its the best dish to pair with their sambal belacan kaw kaw. The nasi is topped with coconut milk, kunyit and seasoned with sea salt. Topped with salted eggs and fresh herbs.

No pork, no lard, no alcohol based ingredients produced in the kitchen. All cakes are hand crafted with fresh herbs. So, they may look different as illustration, but Munch Bunny give you their assurance on the quality of taste.

Cake Talk
Size: 8 inch x 2 inch 
Weight: 1kg +- 
Serving Size: 8 to 10 servings
Preparation and Delivery time: 1 day

What's in it?
2 whole chicken drumstick cut into 6 pieces, duck salted egg, premium glutinous rice, kunyit, coconut milk, pandan, banana leaves, caramelised onions

Sambal elacan kaw kaw - onion, garlic, chilli padi, belacan, anchovies


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