Terms of Service

Just a few things that you should keep in mind before purchasing your cakes

- Do pay careful attention to the cake details, whether its the ingredients, things that come with it, such as candles, knives, etc. and most importantly, delivery timings, such as in 4 hours, the next day, etc. 
    - For orders that are of 4 hours availability, the last order for same-day deliveries is at 4pm.
For orders that are the next day, the last order should be in before 4 pm for deliveries of the next day.

- Cakes under the category of "Get these in 4 hours" (on-demand orders) will be delivered to you within 4 hours of your time of order. Do please note that though we strive to deliver your cakes to you under the quick time of just 4 hours a lot of factors can affect delivery timings such as traffic, the weather, etc. But rest assured, we will continuously put 150% effort into getting you your cakes ASAP!

- Be sure that upon placing your order you are contactable through either WhatsApp or Call. There are an infinite amount of things that could go wrong, with your help, everything will go just smoothly. 

- Once your orders have been placed, there will be no refunds nor can any changes be made.

- Changes to the delivery time and/or location however, can be made, but a prior notice of a minimum of 24-hours is required. Therefore, this clause only applies to orders for the next day and more.

    If however, you do notify us under the 24-hours required timing, we will do our best to fulfill the change, but there are no guarantees. Do hit us up on WhatsApp or e-mail to check with us.

    In a case that we are unable to fulfill your change due to the notice being under 24-hours, the initial cake order and delivery time will be fulfilled, regardless.

- If a second delivery is required because the recipient of the cake was not present during the initial delivery, the second delivery will cost an additional RM30 borne by you.

     If the cake is not delivered within a day of the selected delivery date, the cake will be forfeited and the customer will bear the cost of the cake

- Delivery is a very complex and delicate process and sometimes, from making the cake, packing, moving it to the mode of transport, during the period of delivery and delivering the cake, the cake might incur minor wounds (e.g brushing of cake onto the cake box, slight cream wounds) and these mishaps are sometimes unavoidable due to the complexities of delivery.

- (In very rare cases) should a cake be unavailable after you have purchased the cake, Cake Together will substitute the cake with the next best cake possible of the same value.