Caramelised Almond Tiramisu

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Cake Taste
Vanilla cake soaked with espresso, layered with delicate mascarpone cheese and covered with caramelized chopped almond. This cake is dangerously delicious and you won't be able to eat just one slice! 

Cake Talk
Size: 6 inch x 2.75 inch or 9 inch x 2.75 inch
Weight: 830g or 1.6kg +-
Serving Size: 6 to 8 or 10 to 12 servings
Preparation and Delivery time: 4 hours

What's in it?
Flour, butter, eggs, brown sugar, espresso syrup, caramelised almond, permitted flavouring, permitted colouring

Wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts

Comes with
Handwritten Message Card

Delivery and Order Details
Monday to Saturday, 8:30am to 5pm
Minimum 4 hours notice, except Sunday
Place orders by 4pm to receive in 4 hours

Sweet Passion Premium Cakes uses halal ingredients and bakes in a halal environment.


Caramelised Almond Tiramisu - Cake Together - Online Birthday Cake Delivery

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good but too much caramel

I was craved for this cake since ages.The taste very similar to the one I had previously. It was good yet too much caramel. I kept in the fridge overnight and noticed that the caramel melted and leaked. Overall is good.

Taste Very Good but Too Much Caramel

Taste is very good but the caramel leak the moment i received the cake. I thought maybe due to the delivery take sometime, it melted. So i put into the fridge until the next day only i take it out and eat. The caramel still leak and make the area in the fridge full of caramel.

Flora Yap
Thank u for fresh cake

This cake is awesome, I gave this cake a try cuz I saw the inside part looks way better than the other shop selling the same cake (although the other 1 has way more reviews) and I was right

It's so moist, so fresh and sweetness is just right
The nutty topping is mix with caramel and part of the juice is runny and leak off the cake platters

But it doesn't matter I just show how fresh this cake was

I ordered the morning it was deliver on the same day 3pm which I requested it
On this day this time

Bravo to this cake Baker I love it my family love it too

The sweetness is just right not too sweet, cake body has cooling layer of creamy cheese and coffee taste match so well