Kuihmuih 30 pax

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RM 105.00

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Product Description
10 pieces of Kuih Lapis
10 pieces of Kuih Talam
10 pieces of Pulut Inti
10 pieces of Kuih Tayat
10 pieces of Pulut Pangang
10 pieces of Kuih Kochi

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Cake Together's Paper Bag

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Delivering from Monday to Friday from 11am to 4pm
Minimum 1 day notice, excluding Sundays
Place orders by 4pm to receive in 1 day


Kuihmuih 30 pax - Cake Together - Online Birthday Cake Delivery

Customer Reviews

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Puteri N. (Canada)
Nyonya Kuih. 4.5 stars

I sent this to my aunties and cousin, and here’s their honest feedback:-

“It was nice, but don’t think it’s authentic as we know it. The ingredients of gula melaka in the coconut & the stuffing all very tasty and generous but not authentic. The colour blue in the pulut inti, was blue colouring not from the bunga telang. The kuih kochi is with pandan skin, tho not bunga telang, the pandan in it was nice. The bingka ubi kayu has a lot of ubi in it and kenyal. And talam also very nice
So generally the quality is very good but if authentic Nyonya....not so sure 😅”

Subashini Muthiah

Kuihmuih 30 pax

Allycia Chew
No wishing card for my purchase as requested and no title to who at all

There's no card at all for receiver's name but in website, it was required to write. I requested to write wishes for my clients but end up nothing too. just a package of kuihs. dissapointed.

Nur Zaiti Ikmal bt Nur Dzainuddin
Big is better

Big is better no need to cut cost it's cost rm105. 00. Many people to eat.. It

Kuih Muih 30 pax

The taste is good and the portion is big (in size). In fact very much bigger than usual ones which is not so presentable. Recommend to make much smaller size and increase the number of kuih muih.