Savoury Canapies Set 18 Pieces

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These canapies should be kept refrigerated or consumed immediately upon delivery!

Cake Taste
Get these 18 pieces of savoury mini canapies, with an assortment of chicken mushroom, pulled lamb and creamy spinach savoury canapies for your next celebration! There's a flavour for everyone.

Cake Talk
Size: 6 cm x 4.5 cm (18 Pieces)
Weight: 80g +- 
Serving Size: 18 servings
Preparation and Delivery time: 3 days

What's in it?
Chicken Mushroom Canapies - Chicken thigh, fresh button mushrooms, thyme, cream

Pulled Lamb Canapies - Pulled lamb, carrots, black pepper

Creamy Spinach Canapies - Wilted spinach, cream, garlic, onions, pumpkin, cauliflower (Meat-free but definitely not flavour-free)

Wheat, dairy, eggs

Comes with
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Delivery and Order Details
Tuesday to Sunday, 12pm to 11pm
Minimum 3 days notice
Place orders by 4pm to receive in 3 days

A Pie Thing uses halal ingredients and bakes in a halal environment.

Savoury Canapies Set 18 Pieces - Cake Together - Online Birthday Cake Delivery

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
The pie crust too thick, very little filling

The pie crust too thick and very little filling. Taste wise ok only. The delivery fees is definitely cut throat. The pie shop is at Damansara Utama and the delivery is to Damansara Jaya, less than 10km, I've been charged RM12 for delivery. I don't think this is reasonable AT ALL.

Nice Pie

Nice Pie

Savoury canapies

The pulled lamb was a hit. Flavor was great n moist. The chicken and mushroom was dry, bland and not moist. So was the spinach... It was a big task to figure out the which pie is which. Should have id each different filling like a pastry alphabet

A birthday treat

I bought it as a birthday treat, my family likes the idea of replacing sweet with something savoury. Chicken is the favourite while lamb the opposite.


Savoury Canapies Set 18 pieces