The Harvest Moon 6 Pieces

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With Mid-Autumn Festival around the corner, it's time to think about mooncakes and gifting. Imagine the smile on the faces of your loved ones when they receive your gift of love!

This baked mooncake set consists of (6 Mooncakes and 1 Eternity Blooms)
- Red Bean x 1 Piece
- Honey Purple Potato and Yam x 1 Piece
- Dark Chocolate x 1 Piece
- Pu Er x 1 Piece
- White Lotus with Single Golden Yolk x 1 Piece
- Green Tea Red Bean x 1 Piece
- Eternity Blooms x 1

Cake Talk
Preparation and Delivery time: 2 days

What's in it?
Flour, sugar syrup, oil, water, golden syrup, red bean paste, honey purple potato paste, yam lotus paste, chocolate paste, dark chocolate, Pu Er, white lotus paste, salted eggs, green tea paste

Wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts

Comes with
Handwritten Message Card

Delivery and Order Details
Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6:30pm
Minimum 2 days notice
Place orders by 4pm to receive in 2 days


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