Still wondering on what Cake To-Get-Her?

Still wondering on what Cake To-Get-Her?

Valentine's Day is coming, and you haven't figure out what to get your partner? Worry not as we've got you covered. Cake has been a staple at celebrations for centuries, why not enjoy one with your partner, potential partner, friends or family? A cake is a perfect addition to any Valentine's Day celebration, as it not only adds sweetness, but also symbolizes love, happiness and togetherness.

Valentine's Day Cake Gifting Ideas:

Pink and red petite gateaus
Valentine's Petit Gateau 2 Pieces
Delicious and vibrant French-Style petit gateaus with refreshing flavours. With the Red Heart filled with a Strawberry mousse with Pink Guava jelly, and the Pink Rose filled with a Lychee mousse with Raspberry jelly. Paired with an almond base gives the cakes a brilliant mouthfeel, while not being overly filling.

Medovik rose shaped cakes with a thousand petals
Jasmine Grapefruit Medovik Cake
Sweet, floral and tangy, this cake takes a different twist on the Medovik cake. This delicate cake is made of layers of honey cake, dressed with jasmine cream and grapefruit confiture. It is then hand-piped with cream, that resembles the petals of a rose. This cake is perfect to be eaten after your Valentine's meal, as the acid from the grapefruit confiture will be able to cut through the hearty feast.

Heart shaped cake topped with rose-like swirls, edible pearls and a written love across the top of the cake
"Love" Vintage 6 inch

For the old-school sweethearts that believe chivalry isn't dead. This gorgeous heart-shaped buttercream cake is adorned with beautiful cream swirls on the sides and top of the cake that is bound to make your date feel like a princess from a fairy tale. You may even select a flavour from: Chocolate Mud, Chocolate Salted Caramel or Red Velvet.

Yoghurt flavoured ice cream, wrapped with fondant in the shape of a rose
Red Rose 4 inch
Enchant your date with the bedazzling rose shaped cake, filled with yoghurt flavoured ice cream to cool down the hot steamy night. Peel off the rose petals made from fondant to reveal the creamy goodness inside, which will get your date eating bite after bite.

Twelve stalks of tiffany blue soap flowers and dried baby breath, wrapped in blue and green paper
Ti Amo Soap Flower Bouquet
Although this does not suit the theme of being a cake to-get-her, this rose bouquet is bound to mesmerize your date. With the colours suited for people of either gender, this bouquet is made of soap flowers, which can signify a love that will never die. Bringing this for a first date is a great idea, as looking at the bouquet years after may bring back fond memories.

I am proud that you've made it this far, meaning that you are ready to-get-her! Don't be shy to mix and match the Valentine's Flower Bouquet with any of the cakes, and we will have them delivered to you. For the full collection, you may have a look here.
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