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Taste good but a bit dry

Bought this for my partner for his birthday. The taste is delicious but the cake itself as a banana cake was a bit dry


We love it. Very creamy and it melts in our mouth. Must store in fridge prior serving

Overall good

nice and solid cake

Nice cake

Good service and delicious cake

Rosie Cupcakes
Sofie Ibrahim
Rosie Cip Cskes

It was good n the kids love it - they enjoyed n luv the cup cakes - derives by Alice n Zack was good too

Pistachio Milk Chocolate Cake

The cake is light and delicious. Not too sweet and everything is well balanced. Love it!

Walnut Corrot Cake

Delicious not too sweet will order again thanks

Heroic Dad

Cake was beautifully done. Delicious, lovely and light. Everyone loved it.

Dedicated to Expresso Lovers!

Loved it especially if you love the aroma of Expresso!

Valencia Orange Vegan Cake
Sakthi Devi Raman

Valencia Orange Vegan Cake

A zesty lemon cake indeed!

My first order and I'm simply delighted with the lemon bar and delivery! I'm a bit biased as I'm a fan of lemon infused desserts, and found it to be quite good and addicting! The sweetness level complements the tangyness, and it was just nice. The meringue goes well with it, but the bar is sweet enough on its own. The texture is more crumbly (but holds its structure) and has more of a bite to it, and has a nice buttery crust. Delivery was amazing and the cake arrived in perfect condition. The cake box itself was also wrapped with plastic wrap to further aid the cake's freshness. Looking forward to ordering again in the future!

Brownies Party Fun Box 25 Pieces

Tastes good

Cake was delicious. Overall not bad.

Nice cake

My family love it!

Almond Salted Caramel Mille Crepe Cake

The cake was really fresh and it melts in your mouth. Its taste was delicious with the slightly salted flavor to blend in, making you want a second helping.

Delicious and timely delivery

Fruit Chantilly Cake

Presentation = 8/10
Taste = 8/10
Sweetness = Decent for all ages to enjoy.

Would definitely recommend for those who prefers a simple, enjoyable, humble and sincere fruit cake.

Birthday gal very happy.

Nice cake come with cute balloons. Perfect for birthday gift.

Macaron Box 12 Pieces
chessy patricia

Good variation of flavor

Classic Mini Cupcakes
chessy patricia

Cup cakes was delicious and bite size. Recommended!

delicious korean strawberry cake

delicious,not too sweet, moist and huge strawberries. second order now

Magnificent Mango Cake

the cake was super moist, and had a very sharp taste of mango.


loved by all, cake is light, not too sweet and just nice


Yum yum