Hari Raya Gifts of Elegance and Refinement with Same Day Delivery

Hari Raya Gifts of Elegance and Refinement with Same Day Delivery

Whether you're seeking the perfect gift for friends and family or aiming to extend heartfelt gestures to valued business partners, our curated selection of Hari Raya gifts is sure to capture the spirit of this auspicious occasion. From thoughtfully crafted personal gifts to elegant corporate packages, each gift in this article is meticulously chosen, boasting Halal certification to ensure inclusivity and authenticity. Plus, with our same-day delivery, rest assured that your heartfelt sentiments will reach their recipients in a timely manner. Join us in discovering the beauty and significance of Hari Raya gifting!

Riang Raya BagRiang Raya Bag | Raya Gift DeliveryA handy reusable olive green jute bag with rattan handles, festive ribbon and dried flowers holds thoughtful gifts including freshly baked Semperit Cookies, 100% Natural Kurma Concentrated Drink, a dainty jar of 100% Pure Honey and a healthy mix of Dried Fruits and Nuts. Each item in this value-for-money gift bag is handpicked by our team, ensuring the finest quality for you and your loved ones. 

Ceria Bersama Raya Box
Indulge in delicious Oreo Chocolate Cookies and Red Velvet Cookies, and snack on Kurma, Dodol and Mixed Fruits and Nuts while sipping on a few cups of tea this Hari Raya. All these goodies are packaged neatly in an elegant gift box with a blend of traditional Raya hues, with Bunga Orchid and contemporary Raya designer sleeve and decorations. This gift box is the best way to share joy and blessings of the festive season with friends, family and business partners!

Eid Mubarak Premium Raya Box
The most luxurious gift that prefectly captures the essence of Raya. Find an exquisite array of freshly baked cookies that are popular during Raya celebrations, including Oreo Chocolate Cookies, Red Velvet Cookies, Pandan Coconut Cookies, Almond London and Pineapple Tarts. Besides the five types of cookies included within, you will also find traditional layer cake that will surely delight your tastebuds!

Enjoy the snacks we've also included in this gift box – sweet Kurma, 100% Pure Honey, 100% Natural Kurma Concentrated Drink and Peanut Barley Candies. Plus, receive an elegant, high quality Bohemian Crystal Glass Jar that is perfect for storing trinkets and small treats.

Our Hari Raya gifts offer a seamless blend of tradition and modernity, perfect for spreading joy and nuturing meaningful connections during this season. With our Halal-certified offerings and same-day delivery service, celebrating Hari Raya has never been easier or more delightful! Make this Hari Raya truly memorable for your loved ones and business associates, click here to view all of our Hari Raya Cakes and Gifts!

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