5 Trendiest Cakes for Outstanding Celebrations

5 Trendiest Cakes for Outstanding Celebrations

The dessert scene is always evolving in both flavours and decorating techniques. From fancy sugar geode cakes to minimalistic Korean cakes, there’s always something new and exciting to try out! In this article, we’ve narrowed it down to five of the most popular cake trends right now, all available for delivery in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor in as fast as 4 hours.

Vaccine Cake - Cake Together - Online Birthday Cake Delivery

Vaccine Cake

The pandemic is something that has constantly been in all of our minds lately, and with the vaccine roll-out going on, we can finally start to feel a sense of relief! Getting your vaccination is definitely an occasion worth celebrating. 

Reward yourself or send the Vaccine Cake to friends and family who have gotten their vaccine! This buttercream cake is decorated with fondant and an edible label with funny imitation names of the vaccines. Available in 5 scrumptious flavours, choose your favourite!

Party with Teddy Top Forward Cake - Cake Together - Online Birthday Cake Delivery

Party with Teddy

A recent trend in cake decorating is the Top Forward Cake, uniquely shaped to look like a cake that’s lying on its side. The Party with Teddy Cake features an adorable teddy bear with his little buttercream party hat and fondant features. This cake has a fun shape to photograph with and will give you interesting slices of cake to serve your loved ones!

Cakepop DIY Kit - Cake Together - Online Birthday Cake Delivery

BCTS (Buat Cakepop Tak Susah) DIY Kit

Looking for a fun at home activity? Make some yummy cake pops with this do-it-yourself kit. Like the name suggests, buat cakepop tak susah, because everything you need is provided in this kit!

Just follow the instructions provided and assemble your very own moist chocolate cake pops. Pink and blue candy melts and provided, along with an assortment of toppings, so you can decorate to your heart’s desire! This DIY Kit is made for a great time spent with family, especially young kids.

Korean Calendar Cake - Cake Together - Online Birthday Cake Delivery

Calendar Cake

The Korean cake trend never ends! A popular sub-trend of this style that’s loved by many is the Calendar Cake, a personalized cake to mark a very special day. Choose the month and day on our website and receive a gorgeous hand-piped buttercream cake. This is a cake that suits any occasion – birthdays, anniversaries or for any day that holds meaning to you!

You can also get this cake in the colour of your liking! WhatsApp us at +603-3310 0011 to customize.

Matcha Butter Loaf - Cake Together - Online Birthday Cake Delivery

Matcha Butter Loaf

Matcha has been a long favourite of many, matcha everything is all the rage! The Matcha Butter Loaf is a moist butter cake loaf coated with a housemade white chocolate matcha glaze. A perfect snack for tea time and it goes very well with, you’ve guessed it – a matcha latte! You really need to get this for the matcha fan you know.

We love to see the tasty trends in the cake world. You can check out the latest creations by our talented local bakers on our New Arrivals here. Now, what’s your favorite current cake trend?

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