8 Unconventional Cakes for a Special Celebration

8 Unconventional Cakes for a Special Celebration

Commemorate a special occasion with an out-of-the-ordinary cake! Some occasions, like a loved one’s 60th birthday or a gender reveal party, deserve more than a classic cake. The cake scene in Malaysia is ever growing, with countless beautiful creations that will leave you and your loved ones in awe.

We’ll save you the time of scouring through the depths of the internet for a perfect cake. Here are 8 cakes on Cake Together with unique designs that will make your celebrations all the more memorable:

Pinata Cake

Pinata Cake by Spatula Cakes and Dessert | Cake Together | Birthday Cake Delivery

Pinata cakes have been all the rage in recent years. They are made of a chocolate shell, decorated according to the theme of your liking, encasing cake and/or candies. The cake is accompanied by a small hammer for you to knock through the shell and enjoy the goodies within!

Secret Message Cake

Secret Message / Gender Reveal Cake 5.5 inch by Kanteen's Kitchen | Cake Together | Birthday Cake Delivery

Looking for a special way to tell your loved ones something really important? Say it with a secret message cake! Cut into this cake to find pretty sprinkles and a little note containing your secret message. This cake also works as a gender reveal cake, just select the colour of the sprinkles accordingly!

3D Jelly Cake

Prosperity 3D Flower Jelly Cake 8 inch by In the Clouds Cakes | Cake Together | Birthday Cake Delivery | Birthday Cake Delivery

Celebrate the birthday of a senior member of your family with an intricate 3D jelly cake! Made with natural organic colouring derived from fruit and vegetables, delicately injected by hand into the seaweed jelly to create its stunning design. These cakes are lightly flavoured and are not overly sweet, a great choice for the golden agers!

Musical Cake

Musical Merry Go Round Blue Cake 5.5 inch by Kanteen's Kitchen | Cake Together | Birthday Cake Delivery

Ever had music playing out of your cake? It’s an experience you will definitely enjoy! Have an enchanting celebration with a Musical Merry Go Round Cake with its beautiful carousel music box sitting on top of an equally gorgeous and scrumptious buttercream cake. Wind up the musical merry go round and enjoy the music!

Savoury Cake

Nasi Kerabu Cake by After Black | Cake Together | Birthday Cake Delivery

Sweet treats aren’t your thing? Try a savoury cake! Here at Cake Together, we have a wide selection of savoury cakes like Nasi Kerabu Cake, Nasi Lemak Cake, Salted Egg Chicken Cake and more. They are delivered to you warm and are the perfect excuse to have cake for lunch!

Money Cake

Choc-a-lot Money Pulling Cake by In The Clouds Cakes | Cake Together | Birthday Cake Delivery

Who doesn’t love receiving money? Skip the money packets and give something extra special! Get a Money Pulling Cake or a Rose Money Cake and watch as your loved one uncovers all that $$$!

Edible Image Cake

A picture is worth a thousand words. Have a super meaningful photo that you know the birthday person will love? Just send it over our way and our bakers will get it printed on an Edible Image Cake!

These are great as a corporate gift too! Edible image cookies and cupcakes are also available.

Monogram Cake

Monogram Cake | Cake Together | Birthday Cake Delivery

Customize a cake to the initials of someone special! Our monogram cakes are cut into the alphabets of your choosing and hand decorated with cream, beautiful fresh flowers and various sweet treats.

Looking for more outstanding delights? Browse through our website for more unique cakes that will certainly wow the crowd! If you have something else in mind, drop us a WhatsApp message and we’ll customize it for you!

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