Mooncakes to try this Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncakes to try this Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese lunar calendar and is a celebration for the end of the autumn harvest. It is a yearly tradition for Chinese families to light up lanterns and enjoy mooncakes together during this festival. 

Mooncakes serve as a great gift to friends, family and business partners, symbolizing completeness and unity with their round shapes. This year, we are offering a vast array of mooncakes in different styles and flavours, stunningly packaged to impress! Here are some of our mooncakes that you have to try this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Snowskin Musang King Mooncakes | Cake Together | Online Mooncake Delivery

Musang King Snowy Skin Mooncake 6 pieces by Duria

If you love durian, you have to give these snowskin Musang King mooncakes a try! These treats are luscious and bittersweet. 100% Musang King puree enveloped in soft snowskin, both chewy and creamy at the same time. Comes in a sleek reusable metal box and a reusable rose gold cooler bag. Available for delivery in both Klang Valley and Johor Bahru!

Rabbit Lantern Mooncakes | Cake Together | Online Mooncake Delivery

Rabbit Lantern Mooncakes 4 Pieces by Kobo Bakery

This is a gift that is sure to delight the kids! Two pieces each of Pure Lotus Shanghai Mooncakes and Yam Mooncakes, packaged in an adorable paper box shaped like a white rabbit. Each box comes with LED lights to turn this box into a beautiful modern lantern for young kids to play with or for you to display!

Shanghai Mooncake Set | Cake Together | Online Mooncake Delivery

Mooncake Set 5 Pieces by Floo Food

What sets Shanghai mooncakes apart from traditional mooncakes is the short crust pastry. The flaky and buttery crust of the skin pairs beautifully with lotus paste fillings. The Mooncake Set by Floo Food consists of four Shanghai mooncakes with different flavours to choose from and a cute piggy mooncake, encased in a reusable luxe round box with faux leather handles. A great gift option that will not put a hole in your wallet!

Giant Mooncake Cake | Cake Together | Online Mooncake Delivery

Giant Mooncake 6 inch by Libra Cook & Bake 

Just because you don’t like mooncakes, doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge and participate in tradition this Mid-Autumn Festival! This cake is made to resemble a traditional baked mooncake, consisting of two layers of light vanilla chiffon cake with the fillings that come in three yummy flavours to choose from. Hand decorated with the phrase "花好月圆", which translates to perfect happiness and conjugal bliss.

3D Rose Mooncakes | Cake Together | Online Mooncake Delivery

3D Rose Mooncakes by In The Clouds Cakes 

Uniquely shaped mooncakes in a magnificent floral colour palette. The colours of these rose shaped treats are derived from natural organic vegetable and fruit powder. All handmade and individually crafted using less sweet homemade bean paste so that family members of all ages can enjoy these treats!

If you’re looking to send multiple boxes of these amazing mooncake gifts to your family, friends and corporate clients, do contact us to enquire! We have great deals for bulk orders and are offering delivery services to multiple locations. 

Check out all of the mooncakes, with many available for 4 hours same day delivery, here

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