Raya Gift Guide: Extravagant Gifts with Amazing Flavours

Raya Gift Guide: Extravagant Gifts with Amazing Flavours

Ramadan has once again arrived and Raya celebrations are just around the corner! Every Hari Raya, friends and families bond over scrumptious food and gifts to celebrate the end of a month of sacrifice and prayer. Though we are likely to be spending another Hari Raya apart from some of our loved ones again this year, we can always express our love for them with a thoughtful gift! 

Looking for a meaningful (and delicious!) gift to be delivered to the doorsteps of your friends or family this Raya? Have a look at these 7 festive treats that will surely bring extra joy to your loved ones!

Raya Specials Set

Enhance the Hari Raya Vibes with this Raya Specials Set! A bamboo tray filled with a scrumptious pandan coconut banana loaf, fluffy cute paus and premium kurmas, wrapped beautifully with a green batik cloth. 

Kampit Raya

“Kampit” is a Malay word for bag. This yummy set of brownie pops, mini chocolate tartlets and red velvet cookies is named “Kampit Raya” to symbolize a bag full of sweet treats to spread the joy of Hari Raya! The modernised traditional patterns on the kampit looks perfect as a corporate gift or as personal gifts to friends and family.

Baju Kebaya Designer Cake

A grand and creative Hari Raya Cake that is dressed for the occasion. This beautiful and delicate Baju Kebaya Designer Cake is based on traditional Malay Kebaya, complete with the traditional "kerongsang button". Impress your friends and family with this gorgeous centerpiece!

Riang Ria Raya Box Jumbo

Fresh baked goodies perfect for Raya gifting! A festive box filled with butterscotch bahulu, dates oat cookie, red velvet cheesecake loaf and adorable Raya-themed fondant butter shortbread cookies. This gift box is also available in a smaller size, perfect for corporate gifting!

Splendor Raya Gift Box

This Splendor Raya Gift Box is filled with yummy sweet bites that can be extremely addictive! Perfect for your Hari Raya Celebration or send this gift box to your family and friends as a sweet treat that will sweeten up their Raya! Splendor Raya Gift Box includes Pandan Cake Pops, Chocolate Cake Pops, Coconut Delight and Date Truffles with Oats, Honey, Walnuts.

Ondeh Ondeh Delight

Inspired by the classic Malaysian Nyonya kueh, this pandan sponge cake is layered with gula melaka, coconut mousseline and silky yet refreshing coconut pudding. Topped generously with sweetened coconut flake and onde onde chocolate truffle.

Chocolate Dates

These Chocolate Dates are coated in dark chocolate and stuffed with crunchy roasted almonds, coconut chips, biscoff crumbs, cornflakes and sprinkled with sea salt. What is not to love? These are for sure something to add into your Hari Raya Celebration! Also makes the perfect Raya gift for your family and friends.

Click here to browse through even more Raya cakes and sweet treats!

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