Excite your Senses with Lilin+Co

Excite your Senses with Lilin+Co

We’re partnering up with Lilin+Co to bring you on a sensorial journey! A luxurious Candle Gift Box Set, specially curated by Lilin+Co is now available as an individual gift or as a gift add-on on our website! This lovely gift set comes with three 65g small soy candles and an exclusive letterpress print box sleeve and card by The Alphabet Press.

These 65g candles have a cotton wick and can give you a burning time of up to 20 hours. We recommend that these candles be burnt in the bathroom or small single rooms for the best experience.

Here’s more on the three gorgeous scents you will receive in the box:

Burnt Fig & Cassis

Top Notes: Fir Needle, Lemon
Middle Notes: Hyacinth, Cassis
Base Notes: Cedarwood, Jasmine Petals

Hello, sunshine! This candle will remind you of a bright summer's day by the park, sprawled on a soft picnic blanket under the trees. A great option to light up on a cold rainy day with its spicy, woody notes.

Wild Frangipani

Top Notes: Fir Needle, Orange
Middle Notes: Frangipani, Lily Of the Valley
Base Notes: Rose, Star Jasmine

A floral fragrance that brings back memories of a holiday by the beach. Dig your toes into the soft white sand, bask in the warm sun and enjoy the whiffs of sweet frangipani flowers that followed the ocean breeze.

Mimosa & Mandarin

Top notes: Mandarin, Tangerine
Middle notes: Mimosa, Jasmine, Lavender
Base notes: Lily of the Valley, Vanilla

A citrusy, floral scent that makes your space feel calm yet uplifting. Delight your senses with the soft yellow buds of mimosa and sweet zestiness of mandarin. Burn this candle before bed and drift peacefully into sleep.


Click here to check out the Lilin+Co Gift Box Set, available for same day doorstep delivery.

Candle Care Tip: Trim the wick of your candles before each use. This will allow for a cleaner burn and will help your candles to last longer! Long, untrimmed wicks are likely to burn at a faster rate and could pose as a fire hazard when it cannot draw wax all the way up to the top of the wick and starts to burn itself.
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